Lumines Electronic Symphony

Lumines Electronic Symphony: A classic puzzle game

Lumines Electronic Symphony is an attractive and original game that combines music with classic puzzles. Seemingly simple, this is a title that exudes quality in every respect and that certainly was one of the successes of its kind among the first releases for the Sony PS Vita.

Lumines Electronic Symphony

Remember to Tetris
Square fragments separated by shades that are falling down to us and that we will have to go joining to make them disappear. And all this just as the tempo line pass by them, tempo changes depending on the different melodies. To advance and achieve remarkable scores have to be attentive to both the figures and the music. What remember magnificent Tetris from the end of the 1990s? Yes, but not the same.

Very demanding game
The game is quite demanding and occasionally provides aid elements that we can use when we think that everything is in grave danger. Of course, aid is not always available, so that at all times we must be with the five senses on the screen to avoid disappointment.

Music is definitely one of the great attractions of this Lumines Electronic Symphony, where we can find issues of Safri Duo, Pet Shop Boys or Josh Wink, among others. Without doubt, a very appropriate musical selection that fits perfectly in this game.

Those players who enjoy puzzles much space will enjoy this Lumines Electronic Symphony.