Mars: War Logs

Mars: War Logs, action role too predictable

Mars: War Logs is a game of adventure, action and role in the third person set on Mars, planet that is subject to the power of large and mega evil which cause great problems for its settlers. The game features a system of real-time combat where you can choose various fighting styles and abilities depending on your preferences.

Mars: War Logs

The game is available on PC, Xbox 360 and the new PlaySatation 3 from Sony.

Roy Temperance
Trapped in a prison camp, Roy Temperance is willing to end this situation even if that means having to face an enemy superior equipment, force and strength. Despite many difficulties, not relent in its efforts to achieve its goal.

The history of Mars: War Logs reminds of another classic of the genre as Of Orcs and Men. Maybe Mars: War Logs should have innovated more and bring something new, because although it is a good game has the feeling of playing something very similar before.

Attractive fighting
The battles are fun, with lots of action and can dodge and counter enemy attacks with great showmanship and even make use of a wide range of objects and magic spells. However, as we move forward in the game everything becomes too repetitive even though we have some side quests.

Audiovisual level the game meets expectations although very genre fans sure are some shortcomings if you compare with the great role-playing adventure titles. The characters and settings are well resolved, but provide little new. Less successful is the soundtrack, which just highlights throughout the game.