Mass Effect 3 on WiiU

Mass Effect 3: Special Edition for WiiU

Mass Effect 3 is one of the best-selling sagas in recent months. To take advantage of the Christmas pull a special edition left to the market for the popular and successful WiiU. The game does not disappoint, although the characteristics of the small Nintendo have not been fully exploited.

Mass Effect 3 on WiiU

Success Trilogy
And it is very difficult to improve what is already good. Mass Effect was born as a fast paced action role playing game set in a spectacular world of science fiction that has come to be a fantastic trilogy of success. The latest installments prioritize action on the most typical elements of the role, and Mass Effect, far from resenting, improves over time.

In this special edition introduction of a new weapon, The M-597 Landon, incorporating the ability to identify enemies, enumerating the targets to shot and shooting missiles capable of destroying shields and armor. We can choose to set goals mark automatically or manually by tapping the touch screen.

Acting on the map
During the game we will always have a visual map of the stage and we can act on it thanks to the touch screen, modifying some situations, moving characters or objects, causing explosions, etc…

The image quality of Mass Effect 3 on WiiU is virtually identical to that seen on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. However, Mass Effect is a game to enjoy on consoles rather than laptops, but it is always an option for this great title accompanies us wherever we go.