Merc Elite

Merc Elite: Exciting battles in the near future

In opposite of war games known to date, the new creation of the Bigpoint company is set in the real world, more specifically in the near future. Not difficult to imagine a broken world. All political regimes suffered a collapse. From the ruins have risen five multinational companies, claiming absolute power.

Merc Elite

Converted in mercenaries, former soldiers in charge of power-hungry conglomerates are fighting for the few resources. The new MOBA military war game Merc Elite gather all the details of the games play on MOBA device, at the same time being a typical PvP game. It is a strategic game that provides spectacular action shots in the atmosphere of a near-future world. With the new system live-fire combat, players only have to point and click to shoot any white, that provide greater control and precision in combat.

Merc Elite offers dizzying, exhilarating and exciting action. In online battles of 5 against 5 players can unlock advanced military weapons, train new skills and hire new and powerful mercenaries to lead his team to victory.

For every taste and fight there are five different characters to choose from: Recon, Tactician, Assault, Heavy Gunner or Juggernaut. Each class contains a set of unique skills that players can use to successfully complete strategic operations in a series of battles rapid succession. The skills of the five alternatives to choose can be described with the Recon gathers speed and cunning that almost makes you rascal, the tactician does not act in combat but controls enemy movement and organized air attack, the Assault class has of a wide range of destructive weapons, while the Heavy Gunner is somewhat heavier, but impresses damage to the distance. In the ideal case the Juggernaut prevent the enemy advance to the last rows.

With this game Bigpoint company increases its production slate in a title full of actions that excited about the variety of character classes.