Miasmata: Struggle for survival on a strange island

Miasmata is an adventure game for PC that leverages a story not too original, but that’s perfectly suited to this game and achieved entertain.


A lost Island, in which everyone is dead, and where we find as soon as possible the necessary elements for the antidote that will prevent our death. Overcoming various difficulties, we will have to go collecting the plants necessary to obtain the miraculous potion and our cure.

A scientist as protagonist
The game puts us in the shoes of Robert Hughes, the scientist who must find the formula that ends with the problem which has caused the deaths. You only have available a compass, a clock and annotations notebook. And, of course, his intelligence in a struggle has driven to despair against the time. The disease continues to affect us, and if we do not find the compounds needed to remedy its effects, we will share the final fateful as many millions of people have had.

The video game uses classical ideas in previous titles of the genre of survival. The protagonist is affected by the disease and physical responses are increasingly weaker. He will be looking for curative plants, trying to find some progresses to face to the fatality that waits for him if it does not meet on the solution.

A strange creature
But it won’t be so easy, because we have the feeling that there is someone else in the island, and does not seem to be an ally. Rather to the contrary. A strange creature we will hinder our mission because sometimes we will have to confront it, others try to hide or, simply, flee.

The mechanics of the game is simple, the graphics are correct and the aesthetics of the scenarios is very well worked. It does not reach the level of a classic of survival, as I am alive, but entertains.





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