FIFA 14 on Xbox One

Microsoft gives away FIFA 14 on Xbox One

Microsoft ‘give away’ for the European market the next version of football simulator FIFA 14 on Xbox One, according to the announcement made ​​by the company in its pre-opening conference of the German fair game.

FIFA 14 on Xbox One

This FIFA 14 on Xbox One will be available in Europe for bookings video game console before the official release and will be available via digital download.

Microsoft aims to boost reserves and the Xbox offering no cost with the purchase of the upcoming console version of FIFA 2014, next to the PES the best football simulator of the market and a game of great jerk.

Microsoft has also announced the development of a console pack with the Call of Duty: Ghosts a new title (tenth installment of the CoD series) of the successful franchise of first-person and so far, one of the titles that has impressed by the seen for Microsoft’s new console.

It is not known if the new CoD will also be offered free of charge to 499 euros/dollars off the price of the console. It would be nice and would be a way to match the lower price of PS4 although we assume that Sony will also include games with the console.