Mighty Switch Force

Mighty Switch Force! Platforms and puzzles in the style of the 90s

Nintendo eShop allows for very little money enjoy titles like this Mighty Switch Force! An interesting game that combines platform, action and puzzles with a retro aesthetic.

Mighty Switch Force

The game, designed by WayForward, is quite fun and, if we add that the price does not reach six euros, this is a good choice to enrich our “pantry” of games for the Nintendo 3DS.

Police Officer
Mighty Switch Force! and we face a puzzle game with a certain dose of action and platform. Assume the role of a police officer in order to find and arrest the Hooligan Sisters, which have escaped and are causing all sorts of havoc in Planet Land. To achieve this, we have the power of the “pellet gun”, a gun can kill anything that gets in our way. However, the great weapon of the game is not the gun, but the sirens of our town, “siren helmet”, which at the touch of a button alter accomplish all that happens around us.

Very dynamic
To take advantage of the Nintendo dual screen 3DS, Mighty Switch Force! not surprising in excess. In fact, the bottom frame is only used to show radar that helps us find the five criminals distributed for each level, leaving the stylus to navigation functions.

The game is quite dynamic and different levels have a rather short duration of between 5 and 10 minutes.