Miles Edgeworth

Miles Edgeworth: A fun section of Ace Attorney Investigations

The saga Ace Attorney Investigations had some success a couple of years ago and the games that were coming out still provide entertainment and humor, as in the case of Miles Edgeworth, one of the most curious of the franchise.

Miles Edgeworth

The prosecutor
Now we have the opportunity to get into the skin of the prosecutor to solve a complex mystery that unfolds over five cases with many exciting characters and interrogations.

Miles Edgeworth, protagonist’s friend Phoenix Wright since childhood, takes charge of the investigation. Throughout the successive deliveries, the player has been witnessed his initial petulance pride and are long gone and now a champion of justice. But still there are personality traits that remain reveal tax. Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth again puts the villain turned into the center of a mystery that will take place over five cases.

The adventure starts when Edgeworth returns to his office and finds a corpse. Who is the deceased? Who killed him? Why in the office of Miles? What begins as a tutorial eventually becomes a conspiracy. Each case presents an independent mystery, but they all intertwine to give life to a grand finale.

Looking for clues
The player moves to Edgeworth from side to side of the stage to look for clues or interrogate witnesses. Our attorney will always have an assistant, veteran detective Dick Gumshoe, which plays a fundamental role in the case but is not as accurate in their work as the great Philip Marlowe.

A Graphically the game is well worked and the hours will fly by trying to solve the riddle.