Minecraft delayed for PS4

In a first time we thought the game Minecraft for PlayStation 4 would be at the end of this August, but it has been confirmed that the game has been delayed with no scheduled release date yet found in the certification process.


Minecraft, a success
The game Minecraft, since it will hit the market a few years ago, and of course a success. Millions of people throughout the world have enjoyed it; and that is the good thing about this game, that you can get to engage in a surprising way that we can play what we want: If we’re not playing for many hours, we will have our world created for when we want, and if we are the a workday spend playing, we can also do it. It is, to speak and seeing gameplay for all ages so has managed to reap such success.

Those who have enjoyed this game for sure waiting for their departure at the end of August for the next generation console PlayStation 4, but apparently Minecraft still unable to pass the certification process by which they have to pass the games of the Sony company coming onto the market.

When will it come out?
We know nothing about the date on which Minecraft will be released and how long will fix these errors, although it is expected that this time is not excessive since failures presenting themselves that they are species of bugs, something very common when to give the final approval a video game. Meanwhile, we have to just wait, hopefully, only a few weeks until this addictive game comes to the market and can regain some doses that many expect.