Minecraft updated for PS3

The well known game Minecraft that despite already having several years, remains one of the header games for many people, has received an update to its PlayStation 3 version as well as several downloadable content to enjoy.


Minecraft, the game of fashion
It is true that the fashion of Minecraft has already passed, but a few years ago it was the fashion game that everyone had played because of its open world and great community that was created around it. It was almost a social phenomenon and became very popular. And it is that still there are many players who are playing almost every day and which is engaged in such form that they cannot leave it. For all updates as that is just made for PlayStation 3 continue to be performed.

With this update now in the game may find emeralds, chests with surprises inside, some zombies’ villagers, make our pots containing rain water and other numerous actions that can be very useful for our game and help us to our life on it easier. In addition to this update have been released two packs that will be available this week.

Exclusive Packs
One of the unique packs to go on sale will allow us to disguise other video game characters like Uncharted or Killzone. The other one is also based on costumes, but this time we speak of Cleopatra, cavemen, octopus and koalas. This is one pack for a very specific audience that is interested in taking that as little relevant content as some costumes. Nevertheless, as we say, the community playing minecraft still is quite extensive.