MMORPG by Plarium for everybody

Plarium is a social and MMO games company dedicated to creating the best mobile and social experience for gamers all over the world. With more than 12 million monthly active users and 3 million daily active users, it is one of the world’s fastest growing developers of social games launching strategic games all the time and improving the features of the existing ones. The first of its games was Total Domination which was rated as one o f the best social games in the web.


The first big question that Plarium answers is “What is an MMORPG?” Mmorpg means a massively multiplayer online role. Unlike other games, massive multiplayer game servers takes thousands of simultaneous players, in fact more than a game is a community, a virtual world that works even when we are not playing.

For some of the games you will need to pay or to pay at least an updrage to get to high leves. Many will say “eh but these crazy how I will pay to play”, but the reality is that massive multiplayer games are different to any other, besides serving as a game, it is a communication tool.

Of all the people that have been started in this genre none have been able to leave, they have changed the game but always has a mmorpg installed on their PC. Plarium offers them different games so every time the challenge is new and exciting.

There is a shortcut that is entering the beta test period, which usually lasts usually a month. They can play for free during that period but with the disadvantage that beta play (a game not finished) means losing all your work a month when this beta ends.

Plarium stratgey MMO games are one kind of these games available nowadays in the web. The registration is for free but if you want to advance, conquer and make alliances (something you will want for sure) you will need to pay small sums for purchasing the resources you need to get them and to win.