Monster Shooter

Monster Shooter: a classic shooter and monsters

Monster Shooter is a downloadable shooting game for Nintendo 3DS simple but interesting, with an aesthetic and well maintained attractive sound effects. For less than 7 euros it is worth.

Monster Shooter

The title clearly indicates what we will find: monsters and gunfire. Our goal is to release a kitten captured by monsters and what we have to do shooting at anything that moves. Simple, but addictive.

We handle the soldier who can move in any direction. We will have different weapons, including grenades, mines, temporary shields, etc. The monsters will try to avoid that we rescue the cat and will be used to fund. As we go knocking we will be running our life.

Overcome phases
We have to overcome various stages and the difficulty level will increase. Important will pay attention to the kits that come and we will recharge life and we can go storing weapons for use when we need them.

By eliminating monsters we do with money that will accumulate in the form of points, required to purchase weapons.

Three planets
In terms of the stages of the game, we have 60 story modes, whose levels are set in three different planets. May become somewhat repetitive and many were not necessary or was more convenient to distinguish from each other.

Its system is solid shooter, has long goals and short term, is constant progress for the player, it is entertaining and addictive even after overcoming almost all screens. In addition, the visual aspect is well worked. However, we find that the game is somewhat repetitive, only slightly changed the look of the sets and some monsters that are reserved for the end, which just depleted the player.





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