Mortal combat for PSVita

Mortal Kombat: Fighting without sparing blood and guts

Mortal Kombat is a classic action game, struggles and battles, with aesthetic well maintained and blood, lots of blood. Although we have seen on the small Sony, without a doubt on the big screen will be much more spectacular.

Mortal combat for PSVita

Recognizable characters
In the version for the PS Vita we are able to have all the downloadable characters for the Play Station 3 (Rain, Skarlet, Kratos and the popular Freddy Krueger).

Our goal, grand, will save the world from the evil that want to destroy our civilization and survive, and for it not to deploy spare all violence to be able to generate our enemies.

The images of the fighting do not skimp on blood and guts, all very hardcore to the delight of the many fans of this genre.

While there are games best finished at graphic level, the important thing here is the fight and combat, and must say that it does not disappoint.

Interesting Online Mode
An important aspect to increase the fun in this Mortal Kombat and its online mode, which allows to measure your skills against other players in online mode.

One aspect that should have improved itself is affecting the translations of the dialogues, really improved, as are the sound effects, simply correct.

But make no mistake, we are facing a game that will allow us to enjoy funny moments while we are expecting anywhere if we hand our little PS Vita. For higher requirements, there are better options on the consoles.






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