Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed Most Wanted: Finally in WiiU

Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted is possibly one of the three best arcade games of all time speed. Until now we had been enjoying all platforms except the Nintendo WiiU, which fortunately for users, incorporates this title to their catalog but a few months late. The advantage is that it comes with some improvements over the versions of other platforms.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

The action of Most Wanted takes place in the fictional city of Fairhaven, of colossal dimensions that allows us to cross it with our powerful cars. Again, find new cars scattered around the city with which we can participate in different races and flee the police will try to stop by the many outstanding code violations that are going to make during the course of the game.

The goal remains the same, which is none other than challenging a dozen pilots to demonstrate that we are the fastest. But it will not be easy, because the level of competition is very high.

Game Pad
This version is basically similar to the previous but as news highlights the use of the Game Pad, which allows new features. On your screen will have detailed maps of the competition areas and reflect all the details of the new vehicles, location of police cars, etc…

Another novelty is the choice of co-driver, with which we can form a cooperative with another player who acts as the Assistant inside the vehicle.

This edition comes standard with the DLC Ultimate Speed integrated content. And that translates into 70 new landmarks, five extra vehicles and about 25 unprecedented challenges, providing hours of additional fun and lengthy game in itself.

In terms of controls, in addition to the GamePad is possible to play using other controls of the Wii U as the control Pro, Wiimote and Nunchack and even classic Wii controls.