Need for speed: Rivals

Need for speed: Rivals – ‘shafts’ of adrenaline to 200 km/h

Take control, take the wheel, and get a 100, 200, 220 … and on. Release adrenaline, but first search to find it. Life needs to overcome conflicts. That seems to be the attraction of the new video game Need for Speed: Rivals, which opens a new scoring system whereby all risk points obtained in the matches and players can try their luck with two very different sides of the corridors or patrol at the hands of a police car prepared to join arrests.

Need for speed: Rivals

The objective is to aspire to more improvements, more rewards and level up more quickly. The new delivery speed simulator view expands and incorporates the possibility of controlling pilots or policemen. The persecutions generate great tension when you turn on the lights. You are waiting for, driving here in Redview County where the territories have expanded and more points to an open world that a racing game. Mix, therefore, highways with open landscapes.

The rivalry never ends. And the battles are fought on two different sides, with very different objectives. They compete with the fastest and most powerful cars but player skill affects, of course, driving. Without being entirely realistic, headings of become interesting and exciting. You are there hoping to find a reason to burn wheel. And yes, in a few kilometers you can find it. Rivals ensure that you find a continuous sense of excitement and nerves.

This new title, developed by Ghosts Games and distributed by Electronic Arts, is dynamic and fast, even if it is true that the lack of a clear goal-is to be found-may discourage more than one. As a runner, the player has a wide range of tricks up its sleeve, such as shock waves that repel nearby vehicles, the use of nitrous oxide and improvements that prevent police use their weapons against you. Come on, a wild sometimes not come out well stopped, although normally free of obstructions so that the “pique” is fought with other systems, such as getting out for shortcuts.

Even if you are in a game you can not prevent the car suffered “critical damage” as one move along the tarmac, full of huge cliffs and rugged landscapes. A shock, a blow or sudden lane departure can disrupt your goal. This will be required to attend a workshop area to fix it. This is done quickly. Just by going through the perimeter pointed the car back to its original state.

A new scoring mode opens. If the police stop you, you will lose the so-called “speed points”, which can be used for customization of vehicles, purchase upgrades, change of vehicle a more powerful … But it is advisable to go to the dens to conserve, not is that you miss and end up with the counter to zero.

There is a new way to unlock these cars in case of the so-called “speedlists” some personal challenges and risks where everything is played one hand. Remember that the game allows you to play solo but connecting to the internet heading substantially improves. One can enter public games, where you compete against runners from around the world, or private, but only at home does not lose an ounce of intensity.