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Next Year, Gaming Will Be Completely Immersive

Who would have thought that gaming would have reached this point from where we started nearly thirty years ago. Of course, gaming existed long before the console wars began. However, the birth of the gaming consoles was the first evolution of this industry. We started with 2D images and blocked graphics. If you wanted to play with another person, you’re only option split screen. Now, there will be a completely immersive gaming experience that transports you to the world where you’re playing. Rather than control, we will have tech that monitors our movement and reacts accordingly. It’s an entirely new world for games and starting at the end of next year; it’s likely that nothing will be the same.

gaming console

VR: Mark 2
VR isn’t a new idea. Kids of the nineties might remember that it was marketed around the same time as the PS2. Those headsets were then quietly removed from the market. No one is quite sure why this was. Although if we were to hazard a guess, it would be because the early tech proved to be a health or eye hazard. As such VR has been left untouched for a long time. Now, it’s about to reenter the market in a big way with headsets that will completely immerse you. Early users have described it as feeling like you have been transported to an entirely new planet. The oculus rift showcased how the tech could make someone feel like they were standing on Mars.

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With cameras that now track your movement and controls that can be used in realistic ways, the immersion will seem real. Rather than pressing a button on a controller, you will hold a stick like a gun. Rather than rapidly hammering the keyboard, you will be waving your hand to attack a monster. Again, it’s not a new idea, but it has never been used like this before.

These two types of tech will lead to a whole new experience. The question is, what will it mean for the gaming world.

It will almost certainly mean longer playtimes. Think about how addictive games are now and how addictive they would be if the world felt real. If you could walk around and explore an entire location in real first person view. You would never want to walk away. Undoubtedly there will be warnings for how long you can safely use the headset. Will people listen? Probably not. Our recommendation is to look for top PC gaming chairs so that you’re at least comfortable with the screen glued in front of your eyes.

We also wouldn’t be too surprised to see the return of the single player. Of late, games have been more geared towards a multiplayer, online experience. The most notable recent example is Star Wars: Battlefront. A full priced game that arrives with no single player support.

When VR enters the market, there is a good chance single player games will be popular once more. The tech is expensive, and it’s unlikely that gamers will buy more than one for their household.

There’s no doubt that this new immersive tech is going to change the gaming industry in exciting ways. We can’t wait to see what the next few years bring.