Nike+Kinect Training

Nike+Kinect Training: Personal trainer at home

Nike+Kinect Training is like having a personal trainer at home, without having to go to the gym. Is it a game? Well, maybe yes because it is entertaining, but it is really a complete sports program for exercise, keep fit and that can help us to lose weight.

Nike+Kinect Training

Personalized program
Before we begin to sweat we will have to provide some data (age, sex, height, weight…) and perform some simple exercises to assess the level of our physical condition. From there, our personal trainer will be suggesting a complete exercise routine to ensure that we meet our goals.

The game incorporates actual configuration of two coaches (Alex and Marie), who will be our guide when performing sports.

There are plans for four weeks, once completed, will change adapting to new fitness gained, because if it meets marked by our coaches, the results are real.

Realistic motion detection
In this type of program the motion detection is essential, and in this case has done a good job as the machine picks up our steps with great realism, as happens in games based on our physical performance, such as the popular Dance Central.

The sound is very important to keep sports programs and being in Castilian makes a big difference to those who do not know languages. As for graphics, sober and correct. Simply recreate the space of a gym, which at the end of the day is what it is.






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