pokemon go

Nintendo announces Pokemon Go, new game for mobile devices

Nintendo today announced a new Pokemon game called Pokemon Go. This time however, the game will be released for mobile devices, and will not be in the style of the main series of the company. In the game, players can catch, train and battle with Pokemon in the real world using location information from mobile devices.

pokemon go

The announcement was made by Nintendo next to The Pokemon Company and Niantic, the latter which is the developer of the new game. Director Junichi Masus, the series of games developed by Game Freak, is also working on the game. The Niantic is best known for the game Ingress, which also uses augmented reality and GPS for location.

Pokemon Go may also be played using a device called Pokemon Go Plus, which functions as a smartwatch. When used, it will help to implement actions in the game, such as capturing Pokemon. The device is connected to the smartphone via bluetooth, and will flash an LED and vibrate when Pokemon around. Pokemon Go will be released in the App Store and Google Play for free in 2016, but with items for purchase.



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