Now available the ZombiU application for iOS

Ubisoft has launched the implementation of ZombiU, the Wii U horror title, for mobile devices of Apple with iOS. The aim of this is to allow us to enjoy minigames to identify signs of zombie infection and, if we leave a voice message for our friends and loved ones.


We find ourselves again in a hypothetical situation in which we find ourselves surrounded by a cannibal virus, highly contagious, affecting the entire global population.

These are the characteristics of the application that provides Ubisoft:

Simulator of contagion:
• Information about the virus, symptoms and patterns behavior
• See what happens if you’re bitten by a zombie
• Look at how increasing the symptoms as the virus takes hold of you and you transform into a zombie eats meat
• Share photos via Facebook, Twitter and email.

Emergency messages:
• Leave a message for people to know you’re safe
• Record your own video and share it on Facebook and Youtube.






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