Picross E

Picross E: For lovers of puzzles and math

Picross E is a title perhaps not too popular but you will definitely find its space among fans of platform games, puzzles and mathematical and logical decisions, there are.

Picross E

Care and logic
The game is simple, but requires attention, application logic, think, and exercise the mind. We have a table and inside tables are different ways to be some marked in color. We finalization to ensure we complete the desired figure. A base to clear up uncertainties, we will discover the hidden drawing.

Definitely one of the reasons why Nintendo and Jupiter (the creators) decided recover Picross E was the presence of the touch screen and the “Touch Generations” because precision is playing on the tables is really intuitive and fast. Those who are less adept when used on a touch-screen, which would lead to despair, you can still use the traditional pointer.

Time is limited
Besides getting resolve the drawing, we will have the handicap of time that we will be shortening if we fail in the chosen box. For each we will have one hour.

We may also gradually increase the difficulty beating levels or directly requesting that this increase.

Picross E for Nintendo 3DS is like the rest of the sequels. It will delight lovers of the genre, because it’s interesting, well-developed and comprehensive. At that mathematics and solving puzzles were never strong, better to abstain.






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