Play your steam games through CloudLift

The OnLive company has introduced its service CloudLift, something that had been waiting for quite some time and through which we can play games that you have purchased on Steam on any device, which makes the experience more comfortable.

CloudLift, something highly anticipated
Interestingly, seeing all the advances in technology and video game platforms, yet there a service through which to play games purchased on Steam or other digital platforms that will hopefully gradually be adding to CloudLift. Steam has many advantages, beginning with the price and the offerings of its games, but only one could play from our computer was uncomfortable for some users, in addition to this, they use other devices.

OnLive has realized this and has created a CloudLift platform. If we create an account on this platform, games of the user’s account will be synchronized with the platform and we have these in any device that can move games such as tablets, Apple computers or, if permitted, including smartphones, always that we purchased in our own account.

How much will that cost?
Having CloudLift offers the advantages, of course, is not free. It is $15 which must be paid a month in countries where you can already have it. Although it has received complaints about not being free, the truth is that it offers benefits aimed at those who play on multiple devices and, of course, be to take advantage of these features. Something oriented, as we say, who play on different devices with great assiduity and not for those who do it sporadically, of course, resemble, an excessive amount of money.