Randal's Monday

Randal’s Monday will be sold worldwide

The company Daedalic Entertainment, responsible for marketing the game Randal’s Monday as well as other titles, the adventure game will be released worldwide during the third quarter of 2014.

Randal's Monday

The story of Randal’s Monday
More than four years ago two friends of Alicante embarked on the perilous adventure that supposed to create, from scratch, an independent adventure game. It’s been four years of hard work and struggle so that it can see the light, but eventually Daedalic Entertainment Company, which has developed games like Deponia, became interested in the game they created: Randal’s Monday. And this company has announced that although this game was developed by two Spaniards, will be released worldwide during the third quarter.

Randal’s Monday will be translated and dubbed into languages ​​as the English and German, so that countries that do not speak these languages ​​will have to adapt. But surely this is a great joy for the Spanish industry of video games, as this will be a great platform for this game not only becomes known, but have to be aware that the Spanish industry also conducts numerous games.

More details
The two Spanish charge of complete development of Randal’s Monday, this independent adventure, have been incredulous about what is happening to them, and since they never imagined it would publish outside, but the great faith they have placed in a project as this makes them be very proud of it.

And it is expected to Randal’s Monday is a fun adventure that will contain numerous references to pop culture, which could catch many users including such games tend to like a lot.