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Reasons PC Gaming is Better Than Console

There’s an ongoing debate amongst gamers regarding what the best version of gaming really is: PC gaming or console gaming. Which format provides the best gaming experience, and why? Most people tend to agree that PC gaming is the best way to go. Continue reading to find out why PC gaming beats console gaming.

pc gaming

Better Graphics, Thanks to Higher Resolution Screens
Thanks to the super high screen resolutions that are available on PC screens, HD games can be truly realistic. In fact, PC gamers have been enjoying games at 1080p and higher for much longer than gamers who are used to console games. Today, you can find a typical PC gaming system showcasing 1600×1200 or more in terms of resolution. This translates to better graphics that are able to deliver an HD experience like no other.

Game Mods Keep Things Interesting
Even though you can certainly get upgrades for console games in order to improve the user experience, get add-ons, and fix any glitches within a game, PC gaming takes it to another level by allowing players to create new game mods that make old games feel like new again. This keeps things interesting and prevents you from getting bored with a game that you already beat.

More Controller Options
Once you’ve set up your gaming desk, you can then decide which controller options you prefer for your PC gaming experience. For example, you can stick with the traditional keyboard and mouse setup, which gives you a lot of control, or you can opt instead for a gamepad. You can even hook up a console controller to your computer and use that as well. It’s completely up to you and totally based upon your personal preferences.

The Ability to Upgrade Hardware
A gaming console comes as-is, and you can’t really upgrade it like you can modify and expand a PC. Instead, in order to improve your gaming experience, you basically have to spend hundreds of dollars on a new console whenever it’s released, and then you have to buy all new games that are compatible with that console. On top of being costly, this is also really inconvenient. But with a PC, you can adapt your hardware to your specific playing style. So whether you want faster speeds, better audio, or higher resolution graphics, you can simply update your PC as necessary to get the results you’re searching for.

All You Need is an Internet Connection
If you want to play with other gamers on a console, you have to pay for the ability to do so, usually by subscribing to a service and logging into the console manufacturer’s server. But these servers often experience downtimes that can prevent you from playing when you want. Instead, with a PC, you can have unlimited access as long as you have a reliable Internet connection.

These are just a few of the many reasons why PC gaming is so popular and preferred over console gaming. It’s no surprise that the world of PC gaming is continuing to expand and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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