Red Steel 2

Red Steel 2: Returns the shooter of aesthetic far west

Red Steel 2 is the continuation of a novel title and the original a few years ago and tries to overcome some shortcomings of the first installment, born on powerful Ubisoft studies but did not achieve the success expected. The result of this second part is a much more labored, deep and entertaining, but it can still be considered a great success.

Red Steel 2

Nice graphics and designs
The graphics and the aesthetic aspects of the scenarios and characters maintain a high level, and resembles in this aspect qualifications so dedicated as Borderlands.

Red Steel 2 combines aspects of classic shooters (hallways, shooting, surprises…) but aims to go a step further, incorporating modern mechanical games, video sequences, range of missions…

The story takes us to a city of beauty far west but includes some surprising elements that make the story more appealing. We have to eliminate enemies as we are going to find and keep trying to reach our goal.

Overcome difficulty levels
We will score points and overcome difficulty levels, using various weapons (including the famous katana which appeared in the first installment).

This time, the game has a proper depth; we will be playing with the Wii for several hours.

Still, something is missing. Sometimes the duels are too monotonous and extremely simple, although luckily it is not usual. Obviously there are shooters better than Red Steel 2, but there are also much worse.







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