PlayStation Vita Pets

Released PlayStation Vita Pets

The new game starring dogs to PS Vita, PlayStation Vita Pets, will be released on June 4, as confirmed by Sony. This is developed by the British company Spiral House and aims to differentiate itself from other pet games.

PlayStation Vita Pets

The pet games
It is true that a few years ago it was trendy those games where we had to take care of our pet, either a cat or a dog. These represented a novelty and not just the little ones interested in them, but many people began to care for their pet. However, for some time we’ve seen a saturation of this type of game, to the point that we can care for rabbits, hamsters, and virtually any animal with graphics that sometimes leave much to be desired.

Therefore, the objective of the new game of Sony where we must take care of our pet, aims to differentiate itself from the rest. This is PlayStation Vita Pets. In this case take care of different dogs trying to do everything that a dog requires. To differentiate from the competition, as we say, in this game they have added some characters and elements of adventure games rather than a simulator animals.

On sale in June
Precisely are these new elements that awaken our curiosity and make us ask ourselves if there will be truly managed to innovate in a game already so seen format. The puzzles and explore the possibility certainly give it another ever seen in this type of game. Do you have convinced their characteristics? Well, you can wait till June 4 to make PlayStation Vita Pets for PS Vita console. And you can take care of your pet!