Remember Me

Remember Me will allow the player to manipulate the memories

Remember ME was shown by Dontnod Studio, during the past Gamescom 2012 as one of the new Capcom bets for next year. It is a futuristic title full of science fiction which was developed originally as a Sony exclusive title, until it ruled this out and Capcom was made with the same rights.

Remember Me

The title takes the player to the city of Neo-Paris of the year 2084, a future where the power of social networks has meant that they can digitize and market secrets and personal memories. Citizens have accepted such surveillance, in exchange for the facilities offered technology in that era.

Remember Me is an action-adventure third-person that puts us in the role of Nilim, an ancient Hunter of memories whose ability allows you to get into the mind of people to steal or alter their memories. However, its power takes you to lose the memory the authorities for which it works, who fears their skills and the information it has.

Manipulating the human mind
The gameplay of Remember Me seeks to mix the frantic action of the hack and slash, with the theme of science fiction, stealth platform touches and a novelty called Memory Remix.

Remember Me developers have confirmed that the title will have nearly 50,000 different combos, they will simple movements linking a feature called Combo Lab. Nilim remember movements throughout the game, which will be classified into four distinct categories.

These categories range from powerful strokes, faster beats that return the character to his fighting stance more quickly and even link movements to enlarge the number of movements per combo. The player can link these moves at will through the Combo Lab, building up to four combinations according to their own style of play.

Memory Remix is the name Dontnod Studios has given a section in which Nilim playable, the protagonist, is able to manipulate the memories of your real-time target to change the course of history. This system will change the perspective of the characters to themselves or to the other people around you, causing serious consequences in the computerized world of 2084.

As we saw in the demonstration that took place in the past Gamescom 2012, we can enter a person’s memories and manipulate placing or moving objects on the Stage to alter what happens in this memory, so we can free of guilt a murderer or an innocent man to think he killed someone. All these changes happen only in the memories of that person but can change the course of a mission if manipulated in our favor.

The stealth and the platforms are also of special importance in the gameplay of Remember Me. Nilim is a fugitive wanted by all Neo-Paris, so a shadow is becoming vital. This can make use of their ability to go undetected or agility to run, jump or climb the scenery.

Remember Me takes place in a world inspired by the cyberpunk aesthetic, which is intended to show the dangers posed to large corporations dominate the global information. This also applies to the art section, dominated by decaying cities but heaping all kinds of technology and advertising, illuminated, similar to cities such films as Blade Runner or video games like Deus Ex series.

Remember Me is one of the biggest bets of Capcom and its release date is scheduled for May next year for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.