Resonance: Updated classic action to enjoy in the PC

Resonance is a title that came without making much noise but it brings important elements that make it a game to assess by lovers of the classic action-genre, because it incorporates current elements in regards to rhythm achieving a fairly complete result. AND that the classic game is best suited to PC.


Safeguard the secret
Javier Morales is a scientist who has discovered a new energy able to provide travel at the speed of light. The problem is that everything good that it has can become a terribly powerful weapon in the hands of someone without scruples. A group of characters join forces to find the security camera hiding the secrets of that energy with the purpose that does not fall into the wrong hands.

We control this group of characters. It is of Anna, doctor and niece of Morales with a few ghosts from the past that visit in dreams; Ray, a blogger that investigates a conspiratorial theory; Ed, Assistant of Morales and brilliant physicist and, finally, Bennet, a mature detective. The interesting thing is that it is not a simple search of lost security camera, is a small initiatory journey into the lives of each character trying to discover their own real reasons, learn to trust each other and know if they can rely on themselves.

Resonance is not excessively difficult and its puzzles have its logical part by what does not usually take a long time to solve it. Graphically reminds us of the games for a few years ago, but that are perfectly matched to what is this title. The game is available for PC, and it is still not known whether it will be in soon for the PlayStation 3.






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