Mad Max

Review: Mad Max – Fury in the devastated land

The long-awaited Mad Max finally comes to the world of games of the current generation of consoles/PC, with great responsibility to offer a brutal experience of survival in a post-apocalyptic world, by none other than the iconic Max Rockatansky (Mad Max). All this respecting the incredible legacy of the franchise of George Miller film, this legacy charging extremely high expectations. And the big question is: could this game, created by Avalanche Studios finally meet those expectations?

Mad Max

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! While it may not meet the expectations of Mad Max ultimate experience we had hoped, but still it is a great action and adventure game in an open world full of beautiful and desolate scenery, and incredible fighting with poisoned vehicles. The game starts after an intense action scene where Max, after defeated by the boys of the war, is attacked by the evil Scabrous Scrotus, the son of Immortal Joe (main antagonist of the film Mad Max: Fury Road), who steals his legendary V8 Interceptor and leave him to die in the desert.

Max swears revenge and fortunately for his luck, knows Chumbucket, a bizarre but expert mechanic who happens to help our anti-hero legendary to take revenge on SCROTUS and regain his V8 Interceptor. The first hours are devoted to introducing the history and the various game mechanics, leading Max on various missions in search of parts to be used for the construction and development of its first vehicle, Magnum Opus. Always in the company of his ally.

An interesting point to note is that the game’s story does not have a direct relationship with the story of the movie Mad Max: Fury Road, but makes use of several models. For example, as already mentioned there is a relationship between the antagonist of the film and the game. We also have the boys of the war, which are present in the film, as well as Gas Town appearing in Mad Max: Fury Road and in the game (here called Gastown, without space) and so on. But the story itself is completely independent, practically a spin-off film, with new scenarios and enemies.

In view, this is a very positive point, as it allows total creative freedom to depict the world of Mad Max. The Avalanche even adds several elements of the old films in the series, such as the history relic of which are elements present in the classics and movies that tell a bit of the world before there is global chaos.

Mad Max is a game of adventure and action in an open world with its own characteristics, but also has similar mechanical other games of the same genre, like Grand Theft Auto, Batman Arkham and others. The scenarios are exploitable and vast deserts that are loaded with various, but small, activities to be carried out. Basically there are areas where you get the scraps, which is the currency in the game, relics of the past and improvements of parts for use in the Magnum Opus. These areas correspond to small camps, places of extraction of oil and refineries dominated by enemies. Unfortunately this is where the game piece.

It does not mean they’re bad activities to be carried out, on the contrary. The exploitation scenario and gameplay are strong points of the game. The problem occurs simply by the lack of diversity in these and the side quests that the game offers, which often need to be made mandatory so that the story can proceed.

The hand-to-hand combat with the various factions of enemies present in the game, borrows elements well-known games such as the Batman series. Although decent, they are somewhat limited way, because after all, Max is good fighter but he is not a superhero. He strikes punches, using knives and a shotgun sawn to detonate his enemies and has an energy bar. This is charged while fighting with his enemies and that when fully populated, allows deadly blows and summary executions of his opponents.

However, it is in vehicular combat that the game really shines, offering several ways to annihilate enemies in amazing situations that are quite similar to the fighting present in Fury Road. With the progress of history you will have several weapons and equipment such as harpoon, sniper rifle, rocket launchers and flamethrowers. All are very fun to use and enable a very large strategic range during the attack on enemies.

Visually the game is impressive level of detail present in the vehicle, in the camps of enemies and especially in particle effects such as smoke, fire, explosions and debris from collisions of cars. The settings also impressed by the diversity and richness of details of the scenarios, and have unique and distinct characteristics in each region of the game, although the game is to pass a devastated and totally deserted place. Players who enjoy exploration will definitely be rewarded with beautiful and interesting scenarios.

By contrast, witnessed several frame rate drops continually, especially during attacks on enemy convoys. This problem occurs fatally by the large amount of visual effects in this present moment, as many cars on the screen, fire, smoke, dust and debris generated by collisions. It is a problem that eventually disrupts the player experience, but customarily the developers manage to resolve this situation through software patches, made available some time after the launch of the game.

The music in the game has a fundamental role to the player’s adrenaline. Mostly from Mad Max, there is only the sound effect of the desert, but when you are in combat or initiating any pursuit, as in a movie, the game starts a tribal soundtrack, with exciting beats packing so epic moments of action. Special emphasis on the effects of collisions, explosions and the engines of cars, principally the V8 of the Magnum Opus

The Avalanche Studios showed enough competence and quality when developing a game really fun and who knows well enjoy the many features of the Mad Max franchise, including new elements presented in the movie Mad Max: Fury Road. It is easy to recommend buying this game on any platform (PS4, Xbox One or PC), mainly due to battles with vehicles, attacks on convoys, strong invasions and the amount of hours of entertainment offered.