Ridge Racer

Ridge Racer: spectacular races where almost everything is allowed

Ridge Racer is one of the classic titles in driving games completely renovated and we will enjoy almost as top-level simulators.

Ridge Racer

We are in a race car in which almost anything is allowed. Choose scenarios, cars more suitable for the conditions of the roads, even planning strategies will need to be better than the opponent.

The speed, skidding, spectacular and safe braking systems or collisions are very attractive. In addition, are very to highlight the clashes against the child elements of the tests (lampposts, columns, walls).

Ridge Racer Unbounded is not just a game of car races, where we will even using truncheons against each other for the victory, if not that is a set of tests of various types. All with its levels and different maps.

Editor circuit
We also have a editor of circuits that will give us greater freedom in the game. The online mode and multiplayer will allow us to face more players. It’s simple and very attractive.

The idea is classic, but effective: get points and achieve better marks than anyone. At a graphical level the game responds to the expectations. The aesthetics of the car is very attractive, as well as the recreation of the different scenarios where run races. Perhaps the sound effects and musical accompaniment could be improved, although it is not an element that determines negatively the title.

Finally, a fun game and even addictive, ideal for all types of players.





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