Rock Band 4

Rock Band 4 will allow use old instruments on the PlayStation 4

Rock Band series fans who already have some previous games instruments for PlayStation 3, will use the same on the PlayStation 4, according to Harmonix announcement.

The news however is bad for players on Xbox One, that will have to spend $20.00 in an adapter for old instruments work. The version of Rock Band 4 spare (without instruments) will cost U$59.99 on PS4 and U$79.99 on Xbox One, which will include the adapter.

Rock Band 4

The adapter is necessary because Microsoft changed the wireless connection between the controls and the console in the Xbox One, making it impossible to use the Xbox 360 Wireless accessories. Remembering that older versions of Rock Band work without Xbox 360 wireless, the PlayStation 3 has been needed a USB adapter.

Also remember that Harmonix refers only the drums and guitar, since the microphone has always been used by wire, for this the ancients are supported on any platform without the need for adapters.

Who do not have any old instrument and are interested in purchasing Rock Band 4, can opt for package U$129.99 that will feature a wireless guitar, or pay U$ 249.99 for one incredible package with the game and all instruments (guitar, drums and microphone). Rock Band 4 arrives for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 6 October.