Rooms: The Main Buildings

Rooms: The Main Buildings: Original puzzles and adventures

Rooms: The Main Building is a very original puzzle and adventure game developed for the Nintendo DS, but later also been adapted to other platforms.

Rooms: The Main Buildings

The argument is as simple as strange. One day, the game’s protagonist, Mr. X, receives as a birthday gift a magical puzzle that transports to a parallel world. In such a world is the mansion Rooms, a place that is unique in all the rooms are designed as puzzles. And to go home, Mr. X need to solve the 100 puzzles that will take you to find the exit.

Sliding Tabs
The proposal, simple a priori, it is not a few difficulties since all the rooms possess a curious quirk, which is that, is segmented into sliding tabs. You will also need the go collecting various objects indispensable to progress.

The game hooked from the start but playing as notice that it comes down to act the same way. It would have been appropriate to provide a greater number of options and different ways to solve the puzzles, because while notice that everything happens in a very monotonous.

Level Editor
Yes it is interesting the level editor option that allows us to form our own puzzles and even share them via WIFI connection with other players.

At a graphical level the game is well resolved, although it does not give us great developments in the audiovisual section, maintaining an aesthetic current and without major effects on the sound.