Donkey Kong games

Rumors about Donkey Kong games in 3D

The saga Donkey Kong, Nintendo, has continued to offer numerous 2D titles to their consoles, but the fact is that for years does not show any 3D title. The latest rumors suggest that the company could be working on a 3D game.

Donkey Kong games

Just a 3D game
The saga starring the most famous gorilla of video games and his family made ​​us have a great time in its many consoles, offering entertaining classic adventures or, even, musical games like the apparently failed Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. Although the players have enjoyed these titles, and many fans were calling for a game of this saga like that for years offered for the Nintendo 64 console; talk about the Donkey Kong 64.

The 3D graphics of the Nintendo 64 meant a revolution, but the truth is that this saga of Nintendo has not been followed taking advantage of them, unlike the Mario saga, which has offered us great games in both 2D and 3D.

Will there be more games in 3D?
Some Donkey Kong games developers have stated that perhaps the game series of Donkey Kong is in 2D and 3D, as the company did the Mario games, so the rumors about possible game releases this series have been shot in 3D. Although at the moment it seems that there are no plans whether the next game of Donkey Kong will be 2D or 3D, yes they may have future plans about it, innovating as well in a saga that although at the moment we have not seen worn, it could be if not have improvements or innovations to make the player feel that he is playing something different from all of the above.