sanctum 2

Sanctum 2: Perfect action game for group play

Sanctum 2 is a first-person action game with gameplay style of tower defense. Although the first delivery was not a big hit with the audience despite the good reviews received, now the game gets renovated with interesting news and willing to achieve a position among the highlights of the genre.

sanctum 2

The title, distributed via digital download, is available at this time, in addition to PC, PlaySation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360. It is in the latter where perhaps best enjoyment.

Alien threat
Like its predecessor, Sanctum 2 proposes a futuristic world that is threatened by aliens. Our mission is to protect at all costs called Cores that produce the oxygen needed to supply the human population. The problem is that the aliens know well the importance of these objects and over 15 intense levels, try to destroy them.

At the beginning of each level must decide which towers placed in every corner of the sets to eliminate aliens. Tactical decisions make in this regard will shape the future of the game. Also your character will choose between four distinct options with different abilities.

The gameplay formula works great but sometimes there are very high difficulty spikes that can get on your nerves. Anyway the best way to address these points and the final boss battles is to partner with three other players in cooperative mode, definitely the most fun of the game.

On an aesthetic level the title is very attractive, based on the culture of manga as well suited to these games. To sound level Sanctum 2 meets and the dialogs are in English with subtitles.

The game will gradually engaging and is perfect for group play.