Scrolls, new game of Minecraft creator is officially released

The developer Mojang, launched its first official game, after almost 5 years focused only on Minecraft. The name is Scrolls, the strategy game is available for PC, Mac and Android on Google Play (for $5.00).


The game will also come to the iPad in mid 2015. The game was in development and testing phase to more than one and a half and Mojang finally remove the name “beta” of the game and the title officially launches on the market.

Scrolls mixture card game elements (such as Magic and Hearthstone) and strategy, where the cards are used on the battlefield. The game also features an engaging story written by Jerry Holkins in Penny Arcade comics. The official trailer of the game you can check out below and a trial is available on the official website.

As we know recently, Mojang was acquired by Microsoft in a newly completed agreement of more than $2.5 billion. At the time the Mojang assured that the games continued to be supported on all platforms.