The Dark Below

See details and date of The Dark Below, first expansion of Destiny

Bungie revealed details of the first expansion of Destiny, called “The Dark Below”. The first additional content of the game will be released on December 9, being sold at $19.99 separately, or can be obtained through the Season Pass, which will include another expansion, called “House of Wolves”, and is sold at $34.99.

The Dark Below

The first DLC game will include new armor and weapons, increase light level, being the maximum level 32, plus five new spaces for the “bountys”. The story will also be expanded and should focus on new character named Eris, who spent years hiding in the beehive and comes with the warning that the enemies of the hive are trying to invoke the god Crota to destroy the Earth.

The character can be found in the Tower, where he will offer new quests including three missions where you can increase the light level of the character as well as earn new rewards. A new mission of Strike will be added, called “The Will of Crota”, and a new raid to six players, “Crota’s End”, will also be included.

In multiplayer mode, three new maps will be added: “Pantheon”, located on the Black Garden; “Skyshock”, situated in an ancient interplanetary satellite defense; and “The Cauldron”, located on a site of ritual abandoned hive, where the focus will be close combat. And continuing the uniqueness of PlayStation platforms, they will receive a new mission of Strike called “The Undying Mind”.