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Sell Your DS

The gaming industry is now one of the leading economic industries in the world, generating billions of dollars in sales and re-sales every year. There is hardly a household without some kind of gaming console, be an Xbox, PlayStation, or handheld systems such as the Nintendo DS.

sell DS

And while owning them can be enormously fun, a nice profit can be made from re-selling them privately. Do you have a gaming system like a Nintendo DS that you are looking to sell? Not sure where to start, whether to post ads and where? Then look no further, because in this article we will cover some important tips on how to successfully sell your DS.

The first step to try to sell your DS is to post some ads on the largest resource pool available: the internet.

Internet classifieds are not only fast and free, but they are also available to millions of people in just a matter of minutes. Not to mention that they are easily searchable, allowing people to search for exactly what they are looking for rather than having to browse through every classified ad in the section.

A few very important things to remember when posting an ad to try to sell something, especially online: Be specific. Post your price; describe specifically what you are selling (if you are including games, batteries, and travel case) and what condition your system is in. If there are scratches, don’t call it mint condition, but don’t say it looks like it was attacked by a werewolf, either. Don’t downplay your item. Put a positive spin on everything, such as saying that your item is used but functions like new.

If your ad on the internet isn’t working as quickly as you’d like, consider a print ad. Just be sure to weigh the cost of running the print ad against your profit on your sale. If it’s worth it, give it a try.

Also, remember to ask friends and family if they themselves or if they know of anyone who would be interested in buying your DS. Word of mouth is still the best way to break into the market, and people are more likely to buy a used item through someone they know rather than a stranger.

Follow the above tips; you should have a successful re-sale of your gaming system in no time.






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