Shootmania: The classic that never disappoints

Shootmania is a classic arcade shooter, easy handling and assured entertainment. Although video games of this genre are very numerous, as also are its thousands and thousands of fans, we have a title that it is worth. It does not disappoint.


Simple mechanics
The mechanics of the game are simple and ease of use of the buttons (keys) very simple and intuitive, allowing a rapid adaptation to the game, which requires our skill and reflexes to be progressing.

Shootmania is composed of various game modes that bring variety and originality. On the one hand we have competition modes, Joust, Elite and Heroes. Joust consists of short items one-on-one in which the ammunition is obtained in one of the two poles placed on the map. Elite is three against three in which in every game a player of a team faces against three of opposite. Finally, Heroes, which is composed of short items of five against five games. In each, one of the components of a team faces the five of the contrary.

And all against all
Other freer modes that may prove even crazier with fighting of all against all, are out of the competition with the possibility to play on-line on. Lots of game modes and a very complete map editor ensure that the duration of Shootmania is that we ourselves want.

The game is currently available for 15 euros, a price that is worth in a game graphically well implemented.







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