Soul Sacrifice

Soul Sacrifice: Action and quality roll for the PS Vita

Soul Sacrifice is a new title coming exclusively to the Sony PS Vita. Half way between the action role-playing games, is available and its creators, Japan Studio, trust that may have a long journey.

Soul Sacrifice

This time the player has to play the role of a slave about to be sacrificed by an evil sorcerer, to find a way to salvation through a mysterious book of spells.

Mythological beings
In Soul Sacrifice find a world full of terrifying mythological creatures against which the player must fight to beat them and then decide what to do with their souls. The weight of that decision will be capital and, depending on what you order, the evolution of the character will change.

The power of decision
The choice of salvation or sacrifice affect the enemy, who will die or return to its original state, but also for the own slave. If the user is committed to save the soul of opponent, increase your standard of living and enhance its defense, while if you decide to increase the level of sacrifice and magic attack power. Every choice will influence the further development of the game.

At the graphic level the game is very solvent. The controls are perfectly suited to the decisions taken by the player and the responses of the presonages are accurate. As for looks and sound, Soul Sacrifice meets expectations.

Users who have previously booked this title will be gift a complete DLC, which includes three offerings magic and two exclusive outfits, plus a pack with Japanese dub.

Soul Sacrifice comes exclusively to PS Vita system with PEGI 16 and the price of 40 euros. A very interesting option.