new hitman

Square Enix announces new Hitman will be released by episodes

Although there was already a suspicion that the new Hitman would not be released completely, today Square Enix and developer IO Interactive have confirmed that it will be released in the form of episodes. The prologue and the first mission are still planned for release on March 11, with other episodes being released over a year.

new hitman

The mission in Italy, as shown in videos, and a mission in Morocco, will be launched later, the first one in April and another in May. In addition to these, the developer revealed that plans to regular updates with more content until the end of 2016. The game will initially be released in digital form, with physical version at the end of the year.

According to a statement, part of the decision to launch by episodes was to give a little extra time to ensure that each location has the proper quality for a game in the Hitman series. However, the main reason is that “will create a live game that will expand and evolve over time, establishing a foundation for the future – this will be the first game in a story that will continue and expand with Hitman series of games in the future”.

The game will have a full version sold at the standard price of a launch, $60, plus an edition called “Intro Pack”, which is sold at $15 and includes the prologue and a mission in Paris. Other places may be purchased for $10 each or all can be added for $50.

A beta will still happen before the release. Another novelty is a collector’s edition that comes on March 11, and has a complete digital copy of the game, statue of Agent 47, book arts, tie and tie clip. It will be sold to $140.