SSX: Skiing at full speed

Electronic Arts bets again by moving spectacle of competitive sports to video games that provide entertainment. And generally correct, because for that are the leaders in the genre of sports simulators.


High competition
This time comes SSX, a game that recreates the world of skiing and skiers of high competition, we have fun with raising races on snow plagued acrobatic moves, falls and speed, too fast on the descents more dangerous than you can imagine. Although I had been enjoying a first installment for the Wii, perhaps it is a game that in the Play Station game is over you can take.

In SSX we will find a well-developed game that will make us put the five senses in order to cross the finish line in first place. We are not going to put an easy rival and also require a degree of prior learning to be able to successfully complete our goal. It is not easy glide at full speed through the snow in real life and not going to be sitting in a chair with a command between the hands.

The manner of skiing therefore is affected by the conditions of the tracks as the objects and abilities that we can incorporate in our backpack.

Important challenges
In SSX all are challenges. Overcoming skiers improve our score record and compete against other players in the way on-line, which as always in the franchise works to perfection.

The graphics, the recreation of scenes and sound effects, as always Electornics Arts, are well implemented.







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