Steel Battalion Heavy Armor

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor: A shooter that incorporates Kinect

Steel Battalion was a title that was a great success in the genre of video games of combat. Now, with the new possibilities that offer the current and powerful consoles, presents Steel Battalion Heavy Armor, a game for Xbox360 in which we find the possibility to play with a hybrid control, using Kinect.

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor

Not only with joystick
The control is the main novelty of the shooter. We are still using the joystick to the traditional way to move, aim and shoot, but at the same time we are the ones that we should also move to perform the actions as if we were inside the tank cabin.

The experience that offers this Steel Battalion Heavy Armor is quite unique, not to take us to the first line of fire in a war so cinematic but to make us responsible for all decisions directly with our body.

The sensation of Heavy Armor war is impeccable. But perhaps the biggest problem of Steel Battalion Heavy Armor is having been conceived with Kinect because the game is better suited to traditional style, without that our bodily movements influence the scene.

The fashion for Kinect
It is true that Kinect has become fashionable, but may not always be best.

At a graphical level the title keeps the level of its predecessors, and the recreation of the scenarios is convincing. The sound can also be noted, and if we connect a few good speakers the feeling of being inside the battle will increase.






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