Tera: A game whose forte is the aesthetics of her characters

Tera is a simple PC based game on stories widely used in video games but still be attractive. Here, above all, what stands out the title, even ahead of its gameplay, is the great work that has been done to give it a striking aesthetic, accompanied by a few drops of sensuality in her characters, dressed suggestive costumes and drawn without skimping on curves.


The melee are continuous and here is bet by the player’s skill than mechanical facilities that may have characters develop when movements. This aspect keeps best interest, as there are games where almost everything depends on the “will” of the character, and less of who really runs it.

Up to 60 levels of difficulty
Tera provides 60 levels, although many seem to, once we play a couple of hours we will realize that we can be short, since the degree of difficulty is not too high for the veterans in the genre.

This installment of Tera is a product designed for a very specific audience, who like more than a marked aesthetic of the mechanics to play. An aesthetic that borders with a gentle eroticism that emanates from the characters, especially the female. In Asian countries, mainly Korea and Japan, these games are very popular.






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