Test Drive Ferrari

Test Drive Ferrari worships

On the occasion of the commemoration of the 60 years of existence of which is possibly the most iconic car brand in history, Ferrari, comes this arcade that allows us to drive all models of the Italian manufacturer. In Test Drive Ferrari are not properly before a simulator, although it takes some of its features, but it is a game of race car that will allow us to enjoy the feeling of being in charge of a Ferrari, if only through the console.

Test Drive Ferrari

Studies that have developed the game, Slightly Mad Studios, are the same as those who participated in the successful Need for Speed: Shift.

Video with Ferrari history
The title features a video that shows the evolution of the different models of Ferrari throughout their history, in which the young discover with surprise as they have evolved racing cars up to the machine that leads Fernando Alonso.

At the time of play you will find three levels of difficulty. We will have to go beyond testing of scalable basis, and may not move up to complete each one of them. The game offers a large number of tests, circuits and cars, so it is difficult to get bored. There are many hours without repetitions, everything is new.

Online Mode
We also have a on-line mode that will enable us to measure our ability at the wheel with players from around the world.

While there are better racing games and simulators, it is the fact of basing the title in the history of Ferrari which makes him to be a title indispensable for motor racing and video games fans.






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