mobile games for children

The best mobile games for children

If your family will have young children, whether own children, cousins or nephews, you will have come to realize that their use of new technologies is amazing how sliding their fingers across the screen of a smartphone to select what they want or pass a gallery photos, surprises in tadpoles of 2, 3 or 4 years of age.

mobile games for children

It is as if the “Natural Selection” improving the species was adapted to handle technological devices so present in our lives. Darwinists reflections aside, it is likely that many of our little ones adore playing with the titles that you have installed on your smartphone, but sometimes are not the most suitable for them.

That is why we will leave you with a list of some games that are primarily concerned with children’s entertainment and that your little ones will calm the sea while you devote to more important as watch football or take a NAP. If you have PC at home, You can busy your child for playing game at Jogos friv.

Sonic CD: We are facing a classic that we still wonder and delighting generations of children worldwide. It is the adaptation of Sonic CD which was released for the Mega CD Megadrive system beyond 1993. It is a platform game featuring simple controls jumping and movement that will delight children. The recommended age enjoy Sonic CD is from four years.

Elmo’s Monster Maker: This game will delight little ones while encouraging their creativity. The child can create their own monsters with different features and bring it to life to see it in action along with other Sesame Street characters like Elmo. If your children like sport then you can choose motocross on PC.

Airport Mania: First Flight HD: This is a fun game of skill where you have to make different aircraft landing in eight different airports. The child should control their cargoes, worry about repairs and avoid the dreaded late departures and arrivals.

Topple: Stacking pieces and more pieces will be aiming to Topple a funny skill game which brings together the most bizarre and varied forms. The player must try to maintain the balance of the column formed a kind of crazy Tetris.

Where’s Gumbo? This game will delight children aged approximately 3 to 4 years as it will help find Gumbo the dog is lost. They will have to look at the different interactive scenes, finding the clues leading up to it.