The Devil's Cartel

The Devil’s Cartel: The new Army of Two

There comes a new release of Army of Two, cooperative action title work of Visceral Games. Set in Mexico City, The Devil’s Cartel puts us in the skin of the operational Alpha and Bravo, which will be wrapped in a bloody war between the drug lords.

The Devil's Cartel

This time find mercenaries, masks, death-matches and lots of action, although the title is somewhat below the level shown by their predecessors. Sometimes it is very repetitive and seems to have precipitated studies with this release, which required more work and originality.

Draws attention to this new history the secondary role gives them Rios and Salem. Now there will be Alpha and Bravo who assume greater prominence.

The introduction presents to us the new heroes to carry out a contract on a private escort personality of Mexico’s political life that goes wrong. From there a stand up a bewildering flashback that serves as a tutorial, but it also introduces us to some of the challenges we have to face. Our enemies will be members of the drug cartels in the area.

The campaign takes us along different missions that gang warfare will be continuous. The action is fast paced at times, but the trouble is that very soon begins to be repetitive, uneventful, which inevitably leads to decrease the interest. And that sometimes violence is extreme, but even so.

A level is audiovisual game keeps the level of their predecessors, with a few characters and scenes well modeled, with lots of variety, and with the ability to customize the protagonists.