The King of Fighter XIII

The King of Fighter XIII: A classic in the very demanding struggle

The King of Fighter XIII is undoubtedly one of the toughest fighting games. Therein lies its greatness, perhaps because the graphics and audiovisual currently there are some franchises that improve their level. However, fans of fighting games will enjoy it more experts on different platforms, such as the new Sony PlayStation 3.

The King of Fighter XIII

Aesthetics for nostalgic
On an aesthetic level we are dealing with a title that recalls the classic that is played in the arcades, appropriate for nostalgic and insufficient for current players.

But the real appeal of this game is the proposed action, a complex system of struggle and very demanding that will make us spend hours and hours in front of the screen trying to master all the techniques of combat that may make us invincible wrestlers, which will take time.

The combinations are vast control to get master the full repertoire of moves that can be performed with the characters in combat.

Different Wrestlers
The game has a large group of fighters, about thirty, and each specializes in a form of combat, which eliminates the feeling of doing the same thing with different wrestlers that does happen in other games.

In individual mode can prepare for the real fun of this title, which is the multiplayer mode in which we measure our skills against other online players also.

A game recommended for those players who prioritize the complexity of combat.