The kings of the guitar with Rocksmith

Rocksmith is a game for fans of the guitar that allows the practice from initial levels to some really advanced. Following the classic and successful Guitar Hero, this is one of the best in its genre.


Simple use
Technology and innovation are part of the soul of Rocksmith. The game uses the analog signal from any guitar to which you can connect a jack. The signal goes through the cable to a converter that transforms it into digital signal. The software then processes it and play and can make changes of timbre, tone and add different sound effects.

The game offers several options to play. On the other hand we have technical challenges and mini-games, which exploit the techniques that are taught in the challenges, and amp mode, which acts as an amplifier and multi-effects.

The race is the basis of the game. It is divided into concerts for under test until reaching a certain score. The songs make up a long list, from the most popular to other no less interesting for their requirement.

Beginners may be improving level gradually, as Rocksmith practically defend their steps. In addition, there are tutorial to show the different techniques that are used with a guitar in your hands.

Through the mini-games will value what we are learning and, in theory, improving level. Who knows if we will to become one of the best guitarists of all time.





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