Monster Hunter Generations

The opening cinematic of Monster Hunter Generations is epic fantasy at its purest

Four new styles of game, a generous consignment of arms brand and more than a hundred species of monsters of all shapes and colors that fight come together appointment in ‘Monster Hunter Generations’, the next installment of the successful franchise Capcom that returns the game to the 3DS.

Monster Hunter Generations

And there is nothing better to wrap an adventure as ambitious as an excellent kinematics of openness to the height of the saga, and no doubt that in this latest installment did not want measured the least: clashes of titanic creatures, varied environments and full of color and a final showdown where the scales, fire and metal collide in almost four minutes of video.

The title presents the largest number of creatures to date with 22 species completely original and created for the occasion, we can also develop ourselves in 3 known villages and a new one that will add two new hunting areas and developments in the form of day and night cycles and the possibility of throwing us into the adventure as a charming but forceful Felyne.

‘Monster Hunter Generations’ will add a good batch of equipment, weapons and game mechanics to the formula that we saw in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, as well as a very interesting series of crossovers in the form of costumes inspired by various Capcom and Nintendo games. Be a predator or prey in potency, the hunting begins on July 15 in the portable ones of Nintendo.