Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is already in development and will be multiplatform

Although not a complete novelty, as rumors has been appearing since last year, Vince Zampella president of Respawn Entertainment confirmed in an interview with IGN that the developer is already working on a sequel to Titanfall and that it will be multiplatform.

Titanfall 2

According to the executive the game does not have an official title and despite the original game also be a “multiplatform” (PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One), Vince assured that this will not be exclusive to Microsoft platforms, also able to come to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

The new Titanfall is the main project on Respawn, but the CEO said that the company has a second team working on smaller projects. The developer did not elaborate on the new game, but said they plans to do something different with respect to paid maps.

Titanfall, launched in March last year has already received three DLCs, parts of the Season Pass to $24.99 of the game, most with new maps and game modes. “I believe that maps in DLCs divide the community and make it harder for the matchmaking”, added Vince.