firmware 2.0 for PlayStation Vita

Today is released firmware 2.0 for PlayStation Vita

Today comes the firmware 2.0 for PlayStation Vita, which launched yesterday, November 19, in U.S.

firmware 2.0 for PlayStation Vita

Besides incorporating support for PlayStation Plus in the laptop, there is a new email client and allows you to manage multiple email accounts.

The internet browser is improved, with a focus on rendering engine to improve the overall performance experience of web browsing. Also introduce improvements in the integrated Twitter client to enter Internet addresses (URLs) with a simple menu option.

This firmware makes the browser is a “small application”, allowing access it while playing without closing the game in the background. So far it was possible to do this by opening a link from a “small application”, such as Twitter, but now we can do it directly.

There are also improvements in the content management system to allow wireless connection between the console and computer integration and data storage in the cloud, through PlayStation Plus.


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